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Plasma Pen Fibroblasting: Wrinkles Be Gone with Non-surgical Lift and Tightening

With advances in technology and chemistry, there are innumerable products and treatments to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to reverse the loss of elasticity in our aging skin. When I first learned of plasma pen fibroblasting, I was skeptical of the claims being made to lift and tighten skin and minimize scars. After meeting two clients who were thrilled with their results from a plasma pen procedure done in Europe last winter, I decided to investigate the science behind how plasma pen works, talk to experienced practitioners in other states, and connect with clients who have undergone the treatment to share their results. After doing due diligence on training programs and researching the quality of various plasma pens available, Dr.Windle, my medical director and I decided to go with Plasma Pen Concepts.

After administering this non-surgical immediate and permanent skin tightening treatment to dozens of clients between the ages of 40-70, I am impressed with how effective their texture improvements have been to address wrinkles on the forehead, around the mouth (vertical lip lines), upper eye lid hooding under eyes crepiness and horizontal neck lines. Although these are priority areas for patients I’ve treated, plasma fibroblasting can be beneficial to lift and tighten skin anywhere on the body.

This procedure has an excellent safety record. It does require planning for an estimated 7-10 days of downtime post-procedure. Patients leave plasma treatments with tiny dot-like scabs in a targeted area on either side of individual wrinkles. I apply topical numbing to my patients to minimize discomfort during the treatment and there are minor effects (redness, swelling, itching) following treatment. The risk:reward value provides a more cost effective alternative to surgery, assuming you’re a good candidate. Patients with darker skin types have greater risk of hyperpigmentation. Find an experienced and certified plasma pen medical esthetician to determine if this procedure is right for you.

Plasma Pen Fibroblasting works by converting electrical energy into gaseous molecular nitrogen. The energized gas is transmitted to the skin’s surface without actually having direct contact and focuses on specific wrinkles and fine lines. This combustion of ionized gas creates a micro-injury to the top (epidermis) and middle layers of the skin (dermis), where fibroblast cells are stimulated. Unfortunately, as we age, our youthful, healthy Type 1 collagen (structures that hold up our skin) is slowly replaced with loose, wilted and unorganized Type lll collagen. The stimulated fibroblasts help to reverse the appearance of aging by creating white blood cells to:

  • Repair the damaged tissue on the skin’s surface
  • Recreate Type 1 healthy collagen
  • Increase skin thickness
  • Release growth factors
  • Make new elastin production.

    Voila! For this procedure, the resulting inflammation is your friend. We want the inflammation to help fibroblast proliferation and skin remodeling as new fresh surface skin reveals itself after scabs fall off.

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