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Eve Stern Bellevue Esthetician -
“ I highly recommend Eve Stern with Enhance Skin and Brow. Her commitment to client care and results is extraordinary!
She is a highly-skilled and caring master technician
who delivers exceptional results utilizing the latest technologies in skincare.”
Mary Lee
“Love the shape of my new eyebrows.”
"From past experience in her care...I found Eve to be gentle, sensitive to your needs and generally interested in your personal wellbeing."​
Gere Brown
"I recently had a whole series of treatments given by Eve Stern. I found Eve to be exceptionally professional, caring and thorough. She fully explained all of treatments and addressed all of my concerns and questions. I look forward to seeing her again and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking the services of an esthetician."​
Linda B.
"Eve Stern, Master Aesthetician, is amazing! She performed microblading on my eyebrows, which definitely needed improvement following chemo therapy.  She was very careful in measuring with my original brows so that my new brows would be properly placed and the same on both sides.  And she made sure to consult with me as to placement and color as the procedure progressed.  The pain was minimal.  Four weeks following the first appointment, I went back for the second appointment, when more strokes were added and the shape finalized.  I have to say that I absolutely LOVE my new brows!  They now frame my eyes and have more color, causing my eyes to stand out more.  She is a miracle worker!"
Sue E.
"Very happy with my hands. Definitely 10 years younger!"
"Eve is a very special human being. Her heart is fully into her work and is passionate about ensuring complete satisfaction with the results of each treatment. Eve is someone who will take the time to listen to your needs and remembers what you said from visit to visit. She is a polished, highly skilled professional - she is the best at what she does!"
Nancy M.
"I've been seeing Eve for a couple of years now, since she helped me remove an unfortunate tattoo (my first) I got after a torrid, but short-lived "It Happened on Tinder" relationship!  This allowed me to check off both the "got a tattoo" and "got a tattoo removed" items on my bucket list!  Never again!  LOL.

Anyways, given how amazing Eve is, I continued to see her to help me develop a skin care regimen with the best products to use for my skin.  And, after I turned 50 this year, and kicked off my "Peter Pan Initiative" to never get old (or, at least look as good as I can, as I do!), I solicited her advice for what treatments I might seek that would help my appearance, as I age.  

Eve is extremely knowledgeable and is ALWAYS concerned first and foremost with her patient's safety, and setting realistic, yet meaningful goals, for the cosmetic improvements her patients can expect, unlike many other skin care clinics that are simply peddling products and procedures with more concern about their own bottom line, than their patient's outcomes.  

To date, I've had Eve give me a few chemical peels, perform "Manual Lymphatic Drainage" on some troublesome areas of my face where lymph fluid pools, and micro-needling on my face to reduce wrinkling (and, on on the remnants of my unfortunate tattoo, to reduce scarring, as it ultimately had to be excised surgically, after 4 laser treatments failed to make a real dent in removing it).  Most recently, Eve suggested a "plasma pen" procedure to me, to improve the appearance of wrinkling on areas on my face which I was concerned about, which I had her perform a couple of weeks ago.  I am very happy with the results so far, which take up to 10 weeks or so to fully develop!

Eve is not only awesome at what she does, but she is also a very kind, considerate, and caring human being, who I have always felt has truly cared about me as a person, especially as she listened to my hell of a story regarding how I came to get that unfortunate tattoo.  So, she is not only the only Esthetician I will see now, but I also have come to consider her as a friend.  

For anyone reading this review, and about Eve and the services she provides, all I can say is do yourself a favor and make an appointment to see her!"
John C.
"I've been taken under Eve's expert care for Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser treatments and skin rejuvenation on my face, neck and décolletage, and love the results I'm seeing. Eve is extremely knowledgeable and patiently explained the differences in the procedures available and the best option for my skin, with the goal of brightening any dark spots and evening out the skin tone to perfection. Warm blankets and easy conversation make the experience closer to being at a spa, while her medical training and state-of-the-art technology ensures the most precise/safe laser operation and the best possible outcome. This is a cut above the chain clinics which I've tried several times, I would highly recommend Eve for the most advanced care and beautiful results on your skin!"
Ellen K.
"Eve's experience as an RN is an added bonus to her skilled work as a master esthetician. Her understanding of all of the science behind procedures and products has resulted in my being happy with the texture and appearance .of my skin for the first time in my long life. She has an incredible attention to detail, and will recommend the best course of action for you to get the results you want. I can't recommend her enough"
Nancy M.
Eve is wonderful! I am so happy to know her and see her for my beauty needs. I recently had an IPL service with her and had amazing results! She is very knowledgeable and can't wait to see her for my follow up treatment!
Autumn P.
“I'm approaching 60 and spend a lot of time outdoors. I never spent much time on skin care. But in only three months of microneedling treatments by Eve and use of products that she recommended, I've seen significantly reduced deep wrinkles, and my skin is firmer, with fewer fine lines. I've had numerous compliments. She did an excellent job explaining to me how the custom treatment plan she created for me will help. I plan to continue seeing Eve to address other skin concerns so I can improve how I look and how I feel about my skin. The unexpected bonus with my treatments was the face, neck and arm massage.”
Lonnie R.
“Eve is remarkable…the perfect package of experience, intelligence, integrity and compassion. Eve is a high quality professional that I have been seeing for nearly a year. I am thankful I have had an opportunity to work with her on a number of issues and I have been very pleased with all my results. I highly recommend Eve.”
Cindy B.
“Eve, the esthetician I have worked with, has administered IPL treatments to both my face and my hands. My hands were covered with large brown spots;my face not as bad. I was anxious about the look immediately after the treatment. However, just as Eve promised, within a couple of weeks, my skin looked completely different. I am especially amazed at my hands-they look much younger! I consider Eve my go-to person for skin care. She has administered various other treatments, from microneedling to manual lymphatic draining to facials. She does a wonderful job and is very knowledgeable, kind and caring.”
Sue E.
“I have been seeing Eve Stern for the past 6 months and have had a wonderful experience and progressing with great results. Eve is like no one else I have seen in the field. She sincerely cares about your results and goes beyond expectations to get you there. Eve is professional, personable, and knows her area in depth. You can’t go with wrong with Eve.”
Trine D.
I have been a client of Eve for a few years now. She has the best customized advice for my skin issues and I appreciate her expertise. Eve has a very calming, soothing manner that helps put my mind at ease and she truly cares about me. She recommends products without being pushy, too.”
Angela W.
“Eve is wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable and experienced. I’ve had both facials and IPL laser with her and very happy with both and will go back to her for any of my future needs. Thanks Eve!”
Brook R.
“Eve is fantastic and has been a pleasure to work with over the past year. She is a perfectionist, which only benefits her clients! Not only is she very knowledgeable, but the love she has for her professional is obvious. I just had a treatment done last night and have already scheduled another appointment with Eve, so I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in skin care and/or turning back the clock.”
Debbie J.
“I received skin tightening treatments from Eve since last March. Nobody knows I have had the treatments, but everyone remarks about how I seem to be “reversing” the aging process. It’s quite obvious in the pictures from back in March and who I see in the mirror today. Eve has been my esthetician, and I highly recommend her. She always makes sure I am comfortable and is very dedicated to her “art”. I would do this again versus surgery. Great results with no down time.”
“Eve is as professional as it gets in her field. She is considerate listens to any concerns you may have and educates you on the service you are interested in. She steers you in the direction of what will be the best for you and your skin type and lets you decide from there what you would like to do. I will recommend her to anyone I know is interested in getting beautiful results for their skin, specifically face and neck. She has done wonders for me!”
Julie P.
“I had microblading with Eve to give me eyebrows that become sparse as I aged forcing me to use fake looking brow-liner every morning. I now have extra time in the mornings not having to fuss with doing my brow makeup and can go out with no makeup with confidence. I love my natural looking brows! Eve, I am grateful for your artistic eye and hand skills.”
Stella S.
“Eve is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I am thrilled with the positive changes in my skin from use of the home products she recommended and the reduction in wrinkles from my plasma pen treatments on my face and neck.”
Glenda G.
“As a sign language interpreter, my hands are my work tools and on constant display. This last few years , I used long sleeves, fingerless gloves or smeared the with make up to hide the raised freckles and brown spots. When I met Eve, I admitted that I felt embarrassed and extremely self conscious about my old looking hands. I was super psyched when Eve followed with “there’s a solution to make your hands look younger.” Before starting IPL treatments, she told me what to expect. Within a couple of weeks, Voila!- my brown spots disappeared. My hands now look like they did 10 years ago. I’m soooooo happy with the results! Next I will do my arms so I can wear short sleeves with confidence. I was lucky someone told me about Eve. Don’t wait…go see Eve! She can help you turn back time!”
Dona B.
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