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I started this blog to empower you with the “what” and “why” of treatments, procedures, skin challenges and solutions. Whenever possible, I will share practical tips, secrets and lessons shared by clients that might benefit you. As an esthetician, I often feel like a therapist when my patients have trusted me with their intimate life situations. Yet, in all my years, I never heard anyone tell me, “I regret taking such good care of my skin.” Believe in yourself, what’s possible and let’s get to it.

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Enhance Skin and Brow Intense Pulse Light IPL for armpit

10 “Gotta-Know” Facts about Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

What is Intense Pulse Light (IPL)?  IPL, often referred to as Photofacial, is one of the most common medical esthetic skin treatments for a wide array of skin conditions including: Diffuse redness, broken capillaries and rosacea Sun-damaged, hormonal and aging brown pigmentation Acne Facial skin rejuvenation Hair removal IPL is a non-ablative procedure meaning that

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Difference between Microneedling versus Plasma Pen_Enhance Skin and Brow

Plasma Pen vs. Microneedling/PRP

Since May,2020 when our esthetic practice reopened post Covid lockdown, I am frequently asked about the difference between Microneedling with Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) and Plasma Pen Fibroblast Therapy. During this time many people are working from home, aren’t spending money on entertainment/dining out, wearing masks, and/or may have noticed signs of aging when Zooming

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fibroblast plasma pen

Plasma Pen Fibroblasting: Non-Surgical Skin Tightening and Lifting

Upper eyelid hooding? Crepiness and fine lines under eyes? Pronounced crow’s feet or vertical lip lines on around the mouth? Expressive horizontal forehead or neck lines? One safe and effective non-surgical treatment to address any of all of these complaints is Plasma Pen Fibroblasting to smooth and tighten skin.

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Eve Stern Bellevue Esthetician - enhance your lashes

Eye Lash Envy

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Having beautiful, long lashes can draw attention to your eyes, make your eyes look pronounced and can influence how you want others to see you. Do you like a more natural lash look? Perhaps more dramatic, theatrical ,pathetically unadorned or flirty? When

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Eve Stern Bellevue Esthetician - ideas for being stuck at home

20 Ideas for Being Stuck at Home

In our collective effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to help “flatten the curve” of daily new cases that puts pressure on our healthcare system, most of us find ourselves stuck in our homes. Some of you have written me that you’re going stir crazy or may even be bored. Others are overwhelmed

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Eve Stern Bellevue Esthetician - Connecting While Distancing Will Define Us

Connecting While Distancing Will Define Us

The COVID 19 virus is testing us in every aspect of our lives in unprecedented ways. Life as we’ve known it has been undermined by this insidious microbe that has turned our world upside down. We’re going to get through this if we can come together (not in a physical sense) but in a collective

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Eve Stern Bellevue Esthetician - Rosacea

Rosacea – Stop Seeing Red!

Stop Seeing Red! Rosacea is redness in the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead and can accompany skin sensitivity, swelling, burning, dilated small capillaries and veins. Over 45 million men and woman throughout the world are afflicted with this inflammatory skin disorder which is often misdiagnosed as eczema. Women often try to conceal their redness with

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Eve Stern Bellevue Esthetician

Make No Mistake:
Tan Now: Pay Later

In my teens and early 20’s, my girlfriends and I spent holidays trying to get the best “tan” possible with excursions to sun destinations. We doused our faces and bodies with baby oil and put tin foil over a large piece of cardboard to optimize the sun’s maximum reflection that led to a good charred

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