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EYEBROWS: The one thing you can get into shape without exercising.
Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo with natural hair-like strokes to enhance
your eyes and save you time no longer fussing with brow-liners.


What is Microblading/Tinting?

Microblading is an intricate art to design an eyebrow that is uniquely suited to your face. Organic pigments are deposited below the skin with fine hair like strokes in the brow region, giving the appearance of actual eyebrow hair. Specialized tools and extensive training are required for this procedure along with a very stable and experienced hand.

Your esthetician will design the shape of the ultimate brow look before starting. You get to approve the width, length and color in advance. The procedure can take 2-3 hours initially and is usually followed up with a touch up, if necessary, in 1-2 months. The appearance of the brows post procedure will be darker until they fade substantially after a couple of weeks. Your esthetician artist will numb your skin before the treatment and will provide detailed home care instructions to optimize the ink retention during the healing process.

Enhance your eyes and save you time no longer fussing with brow-liners

How Microblading/Tinting works

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Ombre is a microblading technique where the head of the brow looks lighter and the tail or the brow appears darker in color. It is often called a Powder brow and may be more appropriate for patients who have had prior tattooing. You and your esthetician will discuss the best approach during the initial consult.

Microblading lasts about 1-2 years before a touch up is needed. The necessity for touch up will depend on lifestyle, products used on or near the brow, sun exposure and your health.

Need to color, rid of gray or enhance your light brows and/or lashes? We’ll give you a refreshed natural look that will make your eyes and brows look brighter and more youthful.

The cost for microblading is $550-$650 depending on technique used and time to complete. This treatment typically includes the cost of the touch up. Cost of brow and lash tinting is between $30 and $60.
Before & After Photos
Before picture microblading Enhance Skin and Brow

Before Microblading/Tinting

After microblading picture Enhance Skin and Brow

After Microblading/Tinting

Before Microblading

Before Microblading/Tinting

After Microblading

After Microblading/Tinting

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Before Microblading/Tinting

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After Microblading/Tinting

Eve Stern Bellevue Esthetician -

Before Microblading/Tinting

Eve Stern Bellevue Esthetician -

After Microblading/Tinting

“Overtime, my brows got lighter and thinner. You could hardly see them. Every morning, I spent 10-15 minutes using a pencil to attempt a matched pair. It always looked fake. Since I had had microblading a year ago, I no longer have to touch my brows, look younger and people compliment me on my blue eyes again. I am amazed how natural they look. I shouldn’t have waited so long.”
Pat R.
“Love the shape of my new eyebrows.”

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EYEBROWS:The one thing you can get in shape without exercise. Microneeding is an art and science to give you fabulous natural looking brows. No more brow-liners necessary.

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