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Eve Stern - Enhance Skin and Brow - Bellevue WA

Eve M. Stern


Eve brings 35 years of healthcare experience to her medical esthetic practice. She has a master’s degree in health science administration and graduated with a nursing degree from Columbia University in New York City.

Enhance Skin and Brow Philosophy of Practice

We consider the entire person (body, mind, and spirit) because skin is part of the body’s magnificent, interconnected systems.

We repeatedly question, "What will it take to both get this patient’s skin healthy and keep it optimally functioning, clear, vibrant, glowing?"

We believe the patient/practitioner relationship is a partnership dedicated to achievement of common skin goals. Our team encourages each patient to honestly embrace their given condition and take personal responsibility at home for getting their skin healthy.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is our philosophy. We prioritize what bothers you most about your skin and will share our professional skin evaluation findings with you. Our approach is to build on successful outcomes over time and to educate you about what procedures and/or products you will get optimized outcomes before you invest.

We always take the time to inform patients about what to expect before, during and after each treatment so there are little to no "surprises".

We value integrity in relationships, personal honesty, and truth because it helps everyone remain focused on problem solving and builds healthy trust.

We are science oriented and believe that skin treatments should only be administered if there is sound, medical justification and clinical studies proving the value of the intervention.

We thrive on seeing people find their life purpose and do all they can to feel confident in their appearance to fulfill that mission.

With age, comes wisdom and enlightenment about what’s important in life. Align your look with your spirit and embrace each year with taking action to improve the things in life that you can positively impact.

Life is enjoyed more when lived with moderation, forgiveness for self and others and when we treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves. Positive intentions and attitude do influence desired outcomes.

Our Fave Products

Skin Better Science Trio Rebalancing Moisturizer: Heavy Hydration Without The Weight
Winter cold and inside heat contribute to excessive dehydration. Trio Rebalancing cream hydrates a compromised barrier bringing all day moisture back to your skin. You’ll feel and see improvement in the appearance of your skin’s suppleness, smoothness and radiance with fewer fine lines/wrinkles.
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