My 2021 Christmas List for Mrs. S. Claus

Mrs. S. Claus

Santa’s Workshop

North Pole

Zip Unknown

December 1, 2021

Dear Mrs. S. Santa,

I am writing to you early this year because I believe that wishes can come true. As you know, I’ve been good this past year having persevered through Covid, working from home, putting up with the crazy political environment, supply chain shortages and now the heavy rainy NW weather. Through it all, I’ve tried to keep strong and be less anxious about the uncertainty of our collective future. Between cooking, shopping, and my daily “to-do” list, this is the first chance I’ve had to make my Christmas list. 

My therapist told me that self-care isn’t selfish and not to feel guilty about spending some of my hard- earned money on myself. Since I paid for this professional advice, I felt compelled to reach out to Enhance Skin and Brow (425) 366-8222 to help make some of my wishes come true along with your special powers. 

  1. A way to turn back the clock and make me look five years younger. Fillers?
  2. Enough sleep and to awake with no horizontal forehead wrinkles. Botox?
  3. A magic eraser to erase my eye crepiness and reduce the hooding on my upper eyes. 
  4. A clothes dryer that folds clothes.
  5. A touch of fairy dust to soften and minimize the crow’s feet on the side of my eyes. Botox?
  6. More laughter and less deep lines from my nose to sides of my mouth.
  7. To add an 8th day to every week for sensual pleasure with my partner.
  8. Banish the lipstick bleed and rid myself of those vertical lines around my mouth. Plasma Pen?
  9. Invite the complexion of an ice princess, free of damaged, brown pigment on my face, body and hands. 
  10. Less annoying redness around my nostrils and cheeks. Intense Pulse Light?
  11. Smoother skin texture. The rough, large pores look fine on oranges but not on my chin. Microneedling?
  12. One 48-hour period during which no one in the world needs anything at all from me.
  13. Plumper lips without looking “ducky” or like one of the LA Housewives.
  14. One extra day each month to phone and visit with my wonderful, neglected friends.
  15. Restored skin chi (lifeforce) vs. than dull skin. Chemical peel?
  16. A refrigerator that dematerializes leftovers at the first sign of green fuzz.
  17. A good hairdresser, aesthetician, dentist, plumber and doctor who works when I don’t.
  18. A worthwhile charitable organization whose committees are filled.
  19. A new metabolism-preferably one that allows me to eat whatever I want without gaining weight.
  20. No unwanted facial hair on lower face and brows that don’t require maintenance but look naturally beautiful. Microblading?
  21. The ability to preserve wonderful moments for reuse during the not-so-wonderful moments.
  22. Perfect looking fingernails.
  23. Longer, thicker, healthier lashes that don’t require much time to maintain. Latisse?
  24. One pair of shoes that looks and feels great.
  25. Seven consecutive days of sunshine for use at my discretion during 2022.

Even if you can fulfill a few of these wishes, I would be eternally grateful to you. Thank you and I wish for you a Happy Holidays!

P.S. Hope it’s OK, Mrs. Klaus. I’m inviting my friends to add their wishes to mine by commenting and liking the wishes that resonate with them. Can they book with Enhance Skin and Brow now?

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