before-after ipl enhance skin and brow

Goodbye Brown Spots

“What nice spots you have!” could apparently be a barn owl’s pickup line. Ever had that line used on, you?
Probably not

Give me three months before summer to reduce the appearance of your unwanted brown spots anywhere on your face or body. 

 Here’s My Proven Recipe To Even Your Skin Tone:

  1. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to pull the melanin (brown pigment) to the surface of your epidermis. As the cells slough off, the brown spots will lighten or disappear.
  2. Get a medium depth lightening chemical peel 1-2 weeks post IPL will expedite the desired results using specific chemical agents to break up the melanin further. The peels I typically use result in no more than 2-3 days of peeling. We just need to plan according to your busy schedule when you make your appointment.
  3. The treatments in #1 and #2 will likely need to be repeated at least two times one month apart to lessen sun damage, age spots, shrink pores and smooth skin texture for a glowing, more youthful complexion.
  4. Stubborn brown pigment often needs a spot laser treatment stronger than an IPL. Enhance has the right equipment to do the heavier lifting.
  5. Home use of pharmaceutical grade lightening agents like Hydroquinone and Retinol can accelerate desired outcomes faster. 
  6. If we’re going to go down this path together, my “gotta-gotta” ask is a commitment to daily application of mineral based sunscreen with zinc and/or titanium oxide (tinted or untinted). Reducing melanin with lasers and peels increases your sun sensitivity. You work too hard for your money. I want to you to preserve your investment and maintain your beautiful clear skin. Enhance your wardrobe with a new brimmed hat and/or SPF clothing to further protect your results.
  7. Daily use of anti-oxidants like A,C,E in a serum or gel applied right after cleansing serves as a defense against returning  brown spots.
  8. Schedule an annual skin physical inspection “mole patrol” with a physician for your entire body to check for suspicious lesions.

The wise spotted owl knows how to turn heads. Stop connecting the dots on your face. Go big or go home now with only three months till summer. When you call or text to schedule your appointment at (425) 366-8222, ask us about Enhance’s 3-3-3 special for the third month of 2022. You’ll be glad you did with savings of $30-$300! 

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