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Eye Lash Envy

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Having beautiful, long lashes can draw attention to your eyes, make your eyes look pronounced and can influence how you want others to see you. Do you like a more natural lash look? Perhaps more dramatic, theatrical ,pathetically unadorned or flirty? When wearing a mask, it is “eye-ronic” that our eyes are even more the focus than before the epidemic.

The good news is there are many ways to enhance your lashes. Even if you go out without face makeup, nice looking lashes can make a positive difference. As busy women, we can choose to use a variety of lash options depending on the look we want on any day while taking into consideration other variables such as cost, time, comfort, ease of application and safety. The Covid-19 epidemic has added a new dimension when deciding which lash option is best for you since social distancing is impossible for the application by a licensed lash artist.

In an attempt to keep it simple, I’ve prepared a quick reference sheet for weighing out the lash enhancement options to help you make the right decision that works with your lifestyle to achieve the look you want. Don’t hesitate to contact me at eve@enhanceskinandbrow.com with questions, comments, or to add to the conversation to benefit others.

Lash Option




Special Notes


Multiple colors

(black, brown, blue, etc.)


or Water Soluble

Quick home application

Can clump upon application

Waterproof requires eye makeup remover

Non-waterproof can smudge or run easily with watery eyes


Some brands can be more sensitive than others.

Hypoallergenic options available

Lash Extensions

Custom length, shape, volume

Low maintenance

Requires chemical glue that can be irritating

Take 1-2 hours with each application

Can be damaging to natural lashes

Extensions can fall out between fills and look uneven

Increase risk of infection

Must clean eye gently

Can’t change up lash shape until next fill

$150-$200 initial set and then $65-$95 every 2-3 weeks for fills

Extremely close proximity of lash artist can increase risk transmission of disease (e.g.Covid)


Grows lashes longer and thicker after 6 continuous weeks of use

With Mascara, enhances natural lashes

Can be irritating and drying to eyes during the day

No glue

$200 for 6 month supply

Requires medical prescription or I you can purchase from my practice at (425) 444-0806.

Magnetic Lashes

Variety of lash design options

Home application

No damage to natural lash-applied on top of natural lash

Removed at night for sleep

Can change up lash shape daily

Lashes can lift if magnets loosen

Can require practice to apply easily and quickly

Can’t immerse in water

$55 about every 20 days

Some applications require liner for lashes to adhere.



False Lashes

Home application

Variety of lash design options

Requires chemical glue which can be irritating

Can damage natural lashes

Take more time daily to apply

Can’t immerse in water

Can lift easily during day requiring attention



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