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Joanna M. Starratt MSN, CRNA, ARNP

20 years of Healthcare Experience

Joanna is a twenty-year health professional with exceptional practice diversification.

Beginning as a volunteer paramedic, nursing was a natural progression. After graduating with an Associate degree in nursing, Joanna's practice was focused in Intensive and Emergency Care. She continued her nursing education at Oregon Health Sciences University, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in nursing in 2006.

DePaul University in conjunction with NSUHS school of Anesthesia in Chicago became home for a Masters in Nursing and Anesthesia matriculation.

Joanna graduated in the summer of 2010 and returned to the Pacific Northwest to begin her Anesthesia career. Specializing in high-risk OB, pediatrics, orthopedics and rural practice, her professional career has taken her throughout the West.

Medical Aesthetics

In 2016, Joanna was introduced to medical aesthetics by a dear friend and cosmetic surgeon who thought she would have ‘the hands for it'. A love affair started with the first injection and Joanna never looked back. A love of education and a drive to excel drove Joanna to continually research new products and applications and the results have been spectacular.
Joanna’s practice is focused on the natural look. Giving faces back their youthful structure and easing the cumulative life tension that inevitably settles in the face. Joanna is very comfortable with aesthetic treatments for men and women and particularly enjoys working with male clients who are new to facial rejuvenation. Aspen is a brandless practice. Choice of product is based on the properties of the filler and the correction wanted.
"Give people an opportunity to let their face reflect their soul, rather than their battles."
Joanna Starratt

Joanna's Fave Products

Skin Better Science Trio Rebalancing Moisturizer: Heavy Hydration Without The Weight
Winter cold and inside heat contribute to excessive dehydration. Trio Rebalancing cream hydrates a compromised barrier bringing all day moisture back to your skin. You’ll feel and see improvement in the appearance of your skin’s suppleness, smoothness and radiance with fewer fine lines/wrinkles.
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